Hello, and thanks for visiting my website.

My name is Agata, I live in very green area of Luton and I am DOG GROOMER, DOG WALKER, DOGS & CATS SITTER. 

I do have 20 years of experience to look after animals and I will be happy to help you with small or big pets. I do have at home 3 DOGS, 3 CATS, 5 GERBILS, 2 HAMSTERS, 3 TURTLES, GIANT AFRICAN LAND SNAILS, FROGS AND FISH. 

Love so much each of my pets and they my passion too. I know how to make your pet happy.

Luton LU2


  Dog Grooming
  (prices start at £ 15 depending on the size of the dog, the breed and the service which I will have perform).
  - Full groom
  - Bath & Dry
  - Pet trims
  - Nail clipping
  - Ear plucking
  - Brushing and de-matting
 For an additional, small fee reception and leave the pooch after grooming.
 I am also fully insured.

   Dog walking 
  ( 1 hour walk )
  I will walk your dogs during:
  -Your Holidays £10 ( feeding and walking, if nessesery provide medicine,  portion of cuddles ).
  -Your working hours £8, half price for another/second dog, £7 per regular walk.

  I accept:
  - Small dogs
  - Medium size dogs
  - Big dogs  
  I also accept:

  - Category 1 & 2 dogs
  - Dominant
  - Who pull on the lead

  Pet sitting in my home 
  Pets I can look after in my home.
  - Dogs ( only friendly dogs with other dogs and cats ) £18
  - Birds £5
  - Fish £5
  - Reptiles £7

  Pets I can visit.
  - Dogs £10 ( feeding and walking, if nessesery provide medicine )
  - Cats £7
  - Rodents £7
  - Birds £5
  - Fish £5
  - Reptiles £7
  - Ferrets £7
  Day care 
  (including two long walks) £12

  Prices are set individually with more animals.
  I also offers the transport for animals.

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